Tea Council Adds Ice to #DrinkTea Campaign

By Stephenie Overman The Tea Council of the USA has added ice to its #DrinkTea Campaign to promote June as National Iced Tea Month and June 10 as Iced Tea Day. DRINK_TEA_Campaign The council created #DrinkTea Campaign graphics to help industry professionals promote tea business. The campaign images, including the new iced tea glass graphic with the slogan “Ice it! Drink Tea,” are available on the #DrinkTea Campaign website. Businesses may use these images on their website, through social media, email, or other ways in print or online. All images are copyrights of the Tea Council of the USA and may not be changed, modified or imitated. More than half of the American population drinks tea on any given day and, according to a Tea Council survey, more tea drinkers like their tea iced than hot (84 percent vs. 75 percent). Sixty-nine percent of black-tea drinkers drink their tea iced, and 66 percent drink it hot. WTN160606_IcedTeavsHotTeaUSMidwesterners are more likely than Southerners to drink their tea iced (74 percent to 68 percent). But one southern tradition does remain true – southern tea drinkers are more likely to add sugar to their tea than people in any other part of the country (53 percent versus 42 percent). The #DrinkTea Campaign was conceived by Gail Gastelu, publisher of The Tea House Times and an advisory board member to The Tea Association of the USA’s Specialty Tea Institute.   Sources: #DrinkTea Campaign http://www.drinkteacampaign.com Tea Council of the USA http://www.teausa.org