Peloton Cascara Tea and Teatulia Release Healthy RTDs

(Photo courtesy of Peloton Cascara Tea)

Peloton Expands Its Product Range

(Photo courtesy of Peloton Cascara Tea)

West Chester, Penn.-based ready-to-drink cascara tea producer,Peloton, announced it has justadded two new SKUs to its product range: Peloton Cascara Tea Lemon LightlySweet, and Peloton Cascara Tea Original Unsweetened.

Cascara, a Spanish word that translates to “husk” refers tothe skin or cherry that surrounds the coffee bean. Though many coffee producerstreat it as “waste,” it is actually a superfood possessing 78 times theantioxidants of pomegranates and blueberries. It is also clinically proven toincrease brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), supporting brain health.

Additionally, cascara provides a second and sustainable revenuestream to tea farmers, thus improving their lives and the farms overall.

Both new beverages are certified organic and were formulatedto contain only 5 ingredients or less. Lemon Lightly Sweet contains 60 caloriesper bottle, 38 milligrams of caffeine, and 14 grams of sugar. OriginalUnsweetened has only 5 calories per bottle, 38 milligrams of caffeine and only1 gram of naturally occurring sugar, states the company’s press release.

The rest of the product line is composed of LightlySweetened Original, Peach-Ginger, Apple-Pomegranate, and Cranberry-Lime.

Peloton Cascara Tea’s products are currently available on inthe United States along the East Coast and in Texas in Whole Foods, Giant,United Supermarkets, Acme, Central Market and Mom’s Organics, among otherstores.

Teatulia Introduces Four Cold Brew RTD Teas

(Photo courtesy of Teatulia)

Denver, Colo.-based organic tea purveyor Teatulia has added four new teas to itsready-to-drink tea repertoire.

The four new sugar-free cold brewed teas’ flavors are: SignatureBlack, Easy Green, Hibiscus Fusion, and Watermelon Black. The creation of thisnew iced tea line follows the success of Teatulia’s Tea Sodas.

The new teas are packaged in convenient 12 ounce cans,allowing for versatility for those who have busy lifestyles who want a healthy beverageon-the-go.

Teatulia sources it tea from its own 3,000 acre 100% organic regenerative tea farm that lies in Northern Bangladesh in-between Darjeeling and Assam. The company is proud of its directly from the source supply chain that supports the environment and created jobs for people. Teatulia is Rainforest Alliance, Kosher, and B-Corp certified.

Retailers who would like to stock and sell the new teas can contact Vice President of Retail Sales Karen Bradley at [email protected] or Alliance Sales & Marketing. Foodservice managers can contact the Vice President of Foodservice, Nick Stefiuk, at [email protected] or The Avalon Group reports BevNet. has more information about the company’s wide array of tea offerings.