Open Letter

George and Kim Jage
Tonight was overwhelming for Kim and I with the affection and kindness the community bestowed upon us. I learned a long time ago that  you don’t create businesses but you are allowed to manifest opportunities.None of what was experienced tonight by all of us in the industry would have been possible without the belief, energy, and effort of so many. I had the opportunity to recognize a number of special people who were instrumental in creating the Expo tonight but there  are so many more people who should be given credit for the success and celebration of this achievement for  our  industry. I was remiss in thanking Pearl Dexter, founder  and former editor of Tea A Magazine for her countless referrals and connections she help make when we started the Expo. She is  a dear friend and an inspiration. There are truly so  many others to thank like Jane Pettigrew who has become a stalwart of our education program and Norwood Pratt for inspiring us all with his prose and wisdom. Thomas Shu for sharing his  songs with all of  us  and being the smiling Buddha of our industry. John and Kathryn Paul who every year come with inspiration and Jodie Cohen for coming to every show we have ever done. And of course Gail Gastelu for her sneakery in organizing tonight’s surprise!  It is truly impossible for us to thank everyone individually as each of you have had a role in making this our industry, our community, and our event!   On behalf of Kim, myself, and our amazing team, we again thank all of you who have allowed us to achieve the highest calling in life  by being of  service. Thank you. Kindest regards, George Jage Founder & Director World Tea Media; Division of F+W Media, Inc.