Offer the Gift of Tea

Tea makes a great gift for the holidays and for any other time of year and occasion. Newby Teas, Owl's Brew, Harney & Sons, Tea Forte and Cusa Tea offer many options for businesses looking for creative gifts to stock.

Newby Teas

House of Newby 2017 Advent Calendar, photo courtesy of Newby Teas
Newby Teas’ founder wants the company to represent the culture of tea from the time when it was as expensive as gold and considered an honor to have in one’s home. Newby’s tea gifts embody this vision. Some of its gifts include an Advent Calendar, Silken Pyramids Gift Boxes and Gourmet Miniatures Gift Sets. Here are a few examples of Newby Teas' gift sets: House of Newby 2017 Advent Calendar Silken Pyramids Gift Box – The Taster Selection Happy Diwali: Silken Pyramids Gift Box Gourmet Miniatures Gift Set
Gourmet Miniatures Gift Set, photo courtesy of Newby Teas

Owl’s Brew

Holiday Cocktail Kit, photo courtesy of Ow's Brew
Owl’s Brew offers nonalcoholic freshly brewed tea-based cocktail mixers that are blended with botanicals, herbs and fruit juices. The company recommends “2 parts brew to 1 part booze.” The company has three holiday flavors: Grapefruit Collins: lemon verbena tea with black pepper and grapefruit. Salted Caramel Toddy: white tea and black tea with sea salt and caramel. Mulling Spices: a blend of chai spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves) with cranberry and apple.
Little Black Cocktail Kit, photo courtesy of Owl's Brew
Additionally, Owl’s Brew offers a holiday cocktail kit and a little black cocktail kit, both of which include three, 8-ounce bottles.

Harney & Sons

Pumpkin 'N' Spice Gift Set, Photo credit:
Harney & Sons has several gift sets that combine spices to warm consumers during a crisp autumn day. The gift sets include teas with flavors such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, cranberry and vanilla. The sets also come with chocolate-covered cranberries and pecans, biscotti bites and a chocolate dipped orange slice. Check out Harney & Sons’ Fall Collection: Pumpkin ’N’ Spice Gift Cranberry & Orange Gift Cranberry Crush Gift HT Fall Favorites

Tea Forte

Pumpkin Spice Petite Presentation Box, Photo credit:
Tea Forte has a wide assortment of gift sets, including tea chests, presentation boxes, Yunomi tea cups, a polka tiered tea stand and more. Links to a few gifts are below. Tea Forte Select Tea Chest Yunomi Tea Cups Polka Tiered Tea Stand Pumpkin Spice Petite Presentation Box

Cusa Tea

Photo courtesy of Cusa Tea
Cusa Tea, a new premium organic instant tea, offers a gift box containing two variety tea packs and a mug. The gift set retails for $24.95.