New Design for Twinings Tea Packaging

With solid color tins and white bold lettering, Twinings tea packaging is instantly recognizable in its simplicity. Design firm BrandOpus of London and Melbourne has taken the task of giving the tea brand a fresh look, but one that maintains the Twinings tradition. BrandOpus-Twinings-Origins-groupThe current project aimed for a new design for the black tea line of 22 teas. The intent was to communicate to younger audiences that Twinings tea is “approachable and relevant.” The design now includes bolder illustrations, reflecting origin or ingredients. Overlaying the imagery is a solid colored lozenge with the brand name and logo, emulating the original design, but adding tasting notes and additional blend information. The design firm worked closely with Twinings tasters and buyers to gain a full understanding of the teas’ profiles. The rebranding also included renaming the teas to better reflect their flavor and important aspects. The loose leaf and tea sachet packaging reflects the same design sense in a resealable pouch. The design and lozenge are printed on a clear window that highlights the visual look of the tea or sachets. BrandOpus has had a six year relationship with Twinings. Earlier this year BrandOpus won a bronze award in the Brand Identity category at the Design Effectiveness Awards for Twinings Infusions and a silver award for Branded Drink Packaging. These awards are given by the Design Business Association. For more on the BrandOpus redesign, visit their concept pages here. SOURCE: Design Week