New Canned Tea Cocktail and Hard Teas

503 Distilling Introduced a Canned Tea Cocktail

Five-O-Tea (Photo credit:

Oregon City, Ore.-based company 503 Distilling recently added Five0-Tea to its collection of ready-to-drink canned craft cocktails, reported Brewbound.

The tea cocktails are made of 503 Vodka, loose-leaf tea,freshly squeezed lemons and a tea-infused simple syrup made by Portland Sodaworks. The resulting beverage can be compared to an Arnold Palmer, is light andcontains 10% alcohol by volume.

The Five-0-Tea is the newest in 503 Distilling’s cannedcraft cocktails, which also include The Blood Orange Greyhound, the WickedMule, and La Vida Mocha.

The company has been distributing its cocktails and spirits within Oregon, and announced it will expand distribution to Washington, Idaho and California.

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LQD Released 2 Hard Green Teas

LQD Hard Peach Green Tea (Photo credit:

Anheuser-Busch's Brewers Collective, the craft unit of the St. Louis, Mo.-based beer brewing company, is launching Hard Peach Green Tea and Hard Passion Fruit Green Tea from its LQD Creative Liquids brand across the United States in select markets, announced a company press release.

LQD Creative Liquids is based in Bend, Ore., and it is intended for those who like to indulge while being health conscious. That’s right, even the alcohol industry is taking the trend towards health consciousness into account in their product development. “Alcohol reimagined” is the company’s motto.

LQD describes the Hard Peach Green Tea as having a “juicy mellow sweetness” and the “fresh flavor of ripe peaches” with “a subtle finish of crisp green tea;” the Hard Passion Fruit Green Tea is a balance of tropical passion fruit and green tea, which “finishes crisp and refreshing.”

The other two brews that complete the collection of four are Hard Hibiscus Lemonade and Hard Agave Limeade.

"After brainstorming with brewers from across the 13 craft partners that comprise Brewers Collective, it became apparent there was an opportunity to collaborate on a unique beyond beer offering," said Marcelo "Mika" Michaelis, President, Brewers Collective. "With craftsmanship and real ingredients at its core, LQD has provided our brewers with a platform through which they can directly and creatively address consumer needs."

Each of the LQD cocktails have only 10-12 grams of sugar per can and contain 5.2% - 5.9% alcohol by volume and are free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors. 

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