Mennä Inc Makes a Splash with a Portable Tea Infuser That Allows You to Steep to Your Own Taste

The Mennä ONE. Photo: Courtesy of Mennä Inc.

Mennä ONE – the only portable tea infuser on the market that gives users control over the flavor and intensity of their tea – is now available online and shipping worldwide.

The Mennä ONE is from Mennä Inc – the brainchild of Natalie Ben-Zur and Orit Eisenberg. It’s the first product launched by the company that’s working diligently on expanding the Mennä line with new products featuring the SteepStop-ReSteep technology. The company’s goal is to give tea drinkers the perfect sip, every time.

The revolutionary tea infuser is the vision of the two Canadian businesswomen – Ben-Zur and Eisenberg – who became frustrated by the lack of controlled infusion on the market. Following four years of research, development and prototyping, they launched the Mennä ONE last year.

“Both of us are avid tea enthusiasts and we’re thrilled to bring this much-needed product to tea drinkers around the world,” says Eisenberg, who’s co-founder and president of Mennä Inc. “Tea lovers know that every blend should be treated differently, and the bitter taste that comes from over-steeping should only come through personal choice.”

The Mennä ONE's technology is one-of-a-kind in the market. Photo: Courtesy of Mennä Inc.

The worldwide patented infuser basket can be opened and closed by turning a ring on the outside of the bottle – a technology that’s one-of-a-kind in the market. Once the desired flavor is reached, users can close the infuser basket and enjoy the same taste every sip.

A double-walled vessel keeps tea hot or iced for up to six hours and a lockable lid that prevents spills and leaks is made for on-the-go drinking.

Eisenberg explains, “Our product is all about giving drinkers complete control over the infusion to create a perfect tea for them, every time.”

Mennä at the World Tea Virtual Summit
Mennä is a sponsor and participant of the upcoming World Tea Virtual Summit, taking place taking place Oct. 12-14, 2020. Registration for the digital event, along with the full conference program, will be available in early September at

"I’m looking forward to introducing – finally – a new solution that will revolutionize the way people steep their tea,” says Eisenberg. “An infuser that allows you too Steep, Stop, & Re steep your tea at any time with the turn of a ring. No more bitter tea. No more mess. Simply a perfect cup of tea, every time.”

The Mennä ONE retails at US$36 and is available in Pure White and Onyx (more colors will be available soon). The travel tea infuser can be purchased online through Mennä at

Mennä ONE – the only portable tea infuser on the market that gives users control over the flavor and intensity of their tea. Photo: Courtesy of Mennä Inc.