Fairtrade America Launches

BOSTON, Mass. Fairtrade International CEO Harriet Lamb officially launched Fairtrade America this week during the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual convention. Lamb was joined by Ben and Jerry’s CEO Jostein Solheim, Boston City Councilor Mike Ross and members of the Boston fair trade community for the announcement. Ben & Jerry’s was celebrating “Cone Day” and pledged to use “all possible” Fairtrade Certified ingredients in their ice cream flavors this year. Lamb praised the decision. “It’s so cool how committed Ben and Jerry’s is to working for trade justice for farmers and workers! Ben and Jerry’s pledge to use all possible Fairtrade ingredients will deliver significant benefits to small farmers worldwide, from the sugar cane fields of Paraguay to walnut groves in Pakistan,” she said. She said Fairtrade will work together with American businesses to continue the push for trade justice. “We are excited to have our new member organization, Fairtrade America, in place to collaborate with towns, non-profit organizations and the folks at Ben and Jerry’s and other companies who are all dedicated to creating a vibrant fair trade movement in the United States,” said Lamb. Fairtrade America is exhibiting alongside Fairtrade International, Fairtrade Canada and three producer networks. On Friday, the Fairtrade organizations and producer networks will host a seminar on Fairtrade in the United States and present strategies for improving trade justice for small farmers, at the show. Source: Fairtrade International