Elmwood Inn Fine Teas Becomes the Official ‘Tea Tasting Kit’ Partner of World Tea Academy

By Aaron Kiel, World Tea News

World Tea Academy (WTA) announced Elmwood Inn Fine Teas as its official Tea Tasting Kit supplier and shipping partner. WTA is the leading online tea education and certification program from the organizers of the World Tea Virtual Summit and the World Tea Expo Conference + Expo. Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, based in Danville, Ky., imports, blends and packages teas for retailers, gourmet grocers, restaurants, tea bars, coffee bars, hotels, and museums across North America.

As World Tea Academy’s new partner, Elmwood Inn Fine Teas will manage the production, sales and distribution of all WTA Tea Tasting Kits that are required as part of each student’s course work and interactive learning experience. Kits may include cupping sets, specialty teas, herbs and botanicals – all essential elements of the interactive learning program.

World Tea Academy Education Manager and Director Lisa Boalt Richardson, author of Modern Tea: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage, said, “We’re thrilled that Elmwood Inn Fine Teas joined World Tea Academy on its mission to offer superior specialty tea education and support to those students who wish to pursue a career alongside tea. This exclusive partnership will allow WTA to continue to grow exponentially and do what it does best – educate students from around the world.”

According to Richardson, World Tea Academy has ordered and utilized teas from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas since the inception of the online learning program in 2013. “Elmwood Inn Fine Teas has been in the tea business for three decades, so we feel confident that they will create our WTA Tea Tasting Kits with the finest of teas that they source from all over the world,” she said.

Bruce Richardson, Master Blender at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and a leading voice in America's tea renaissance, noted, "World Tea Academy shares our longtime passion for specialty tea and tea education. It is an honor to be asked to introduce their students to classic teas from the world's great gardens. We have spent two months sourcing extraordinary teas from our global partners so that WTA students can continue to have exceptional learning experiences."

World Tea Academy offers two levels of certification and five advanced certification paths. Students who complete a World Tea Academy program can become certified by WTA as a Tea Specialist through the Core Curriculum, or pursue the Tea Professional, Tea Sommelier, Tea Health Expert, Tea Blender or Tea Aroma Expert Certification through the Advanced Curriculum.

For more information on World Tea Academy, its certification programs and class schedule, visit WorldTeaAcademy.com. For registered students, the appropriate WTA Tea Tasting Kits will need to be ordered before prior to the start of class from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Kits are available at Store.ElmwoodInn.com/World-Tea-Academy.aspx

To learn more about Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, visit Store.ElmwoodInn.com.