DRNK-QWENCH Franchise Creates Symbiotic Relationship with Tea and Smoothies

Photo credit: qwenchjuice.com
DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar merge to form a multifaceted café that satiates the cravings of millennials and more while being a profitable business. Los Angeles-based DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar are two separate and distinctive brands under the same ownership. Most often, each operates separately; however, there are occasions when franchisees successfully combine DRNK and QWENCH together in one unit. DRNK coffee + tea was founded in 2013 by Thomas Nariman who then opened QWENCH juice bar in 2015. Franchising became available in January 2016. “The advantage of doing both in one location is the franchisee can target a much wider audience,” said Mitchell Baker, vice president and chief marketing officer of DRNK coffee + tea and QWENCH juice bar. People can have tea one day and an acai bowl the next. Customers have more options from which to choose and their interest is pretty evenly divided between the two menus, according to Baker. From a revenue standpoint, there is the opportunity to bring in more sales when both entities operate as one unit. This has been proven at current DRNK-QWENCH outlets. Baker added that the company’s sales have been positive every quarter since opening. Both brands target the millennial audience. “The segment is crowded, especially in coffee,” Baker said. “We knew we could do a much better job by offering a really cool environment and offering a majority of products that are organic and fair trade certified, including all of our teas.” The company partners with Rishi Tea and offers its products exclusively because Rishi, he said, is committed to producing high-quality products. “A big focus for us is fresh food; it’s part of our model and it differentiates us from a place like Starbucks, which really focuses on having frozen and prepackaged foods,” Baker said. “Customers definitely want a fresh food experience and that is what we do.” The menu offers freshly made breakfast items, salads, paninis and wraps, as well as various raw juices and green, protein and acai smoothie blends.
Photo credit: drnkcoffee.com
Customers seem to appreciate the vibe. “DRNK offers organic coffee and tea with upbeat dance music, bright lighting, and wonderful parking,” said Thomas K. in a Yelp review. “Super nice staff at this combo coffee/juice bar,” said Crystal L. on Yelp. “Seating options include outdoor seating in the front and back (shaded patio area).  So close to home AND has its own parking lot. Good coffee too. Clean and neat condiment area.” Customers also rave about menu items like the Yucatan wrap, the kale smoothies and the Earl Grey Latte tea. As of today, there are two combination DRNK-QWENCH locations, eight DRNK coffee + teas and seven QWENCH juice bars locations exist. An additional 12 outlets are under development, four of which will be the DRNK-QWENCH combination. Those four are located in Southern California, Virginia and Houston and Dallas. The company is constantly looking for franchisees through traditional franchise avenues, as well as online and via its website and social media. It also gains new franchisees through word of mouth. Interest from potential franchisees grows with the opening of each store. Development rights have been sold to the entire Gulf Cooperative Council, which includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. A store is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “We continue to receive interest daily from all over,” said Baker.