Coke’s Gold Peak Launching RTD Tea Lattes

WTN160920_Gold Peak iced tea-lo resCoca-Cola recently announced that it would launch a new line of ready-to-drink lattes as part of its Gold Peak iced tea brand. It will also add RTD coffees to the lineup, and both lattes and coffees will debut in the first quarter of 2017. The RTD tea latte segment is an emerging beverage category, in contrast to the already strong growth in RTD coffees, said the company in a press release. “Gold Peak has a passionate following of fans who love the ‘taste that brings you home’,” said Geoff Henry, Vice President Tea & Coffee for Coca-Cola. “We are excited to introduce new ways for people to enjoy the brand. Our new tea lattes and cold brew iced coffees will feature our signature high quality ingredients and distinct taste for a delicious pick-me-up anytime of the day.” Gold Peak’s RTD teas and coffees will feature real milk and sugar in a variety of flavors. noted that Coca-Cola’s move toward RTD coffee is a response to the company’s shrinking soda sales; and that Coca-Cola has not yet disclosed any flavors, retail prices, or packaging they will use for the tea latte line. Gold Peak is one of the fastest-growing national iced tea brands. In 2014, it eclipsed $1 billion in annual sales, becoming the twentieth Coca-Cola brand to do so. Sources:,