California Dreamin’ – World Tea Expo 2015 Part 2 – #DreamBig in CA

World Tea ExpoCalifornia-Dreamin-Blog-Image-2015 will be held in Long Beach, California, May 6-8, 2015. As I was contemplating what to write for the second installation of my California Dreamin’ blog series, believe it or not, a commercial popped up onto my television last weekend featuring a California specific travel information website.  What’s more, their tag line was #DreamBig!! Pretty cool, right? Apparently, Dream Big is their latest marketing campaign to get more people to travel to California. If you go back to read my blog entries from last year, you will find many travel specific ideas for the local Long Beach area. But, if you plan to spend extra time exploring California before or after World Tea Expo, then the Visit California website may be just the resource you need for planning.  Otherwise, you should revisit the Long Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website for more local attractions.  Don’t forget to book your hotel through the World Tea Expo website for best rates. It’s not like California Dreamin’ is a new concept or anything but tripping over their hashtag to #DreamBig really hit me.  Why do you go to World Tea Expo? Are you already in business? Are you thinking of starting a tea business or adding tea to an existing business? How does tea fit into your big dreams? DreamBigCAlogoWorld Tea Expo is the one time each year that tea industry professionals come together under one roof. It is the place that people start in the tea industry. It is the place where people grow within the tea industry. It is the place where tea is enjoyed so deeply and shared so passionately that you cannot wait until the next show. Once you are in the tea industry for a good length of time, you will experience how deeply it touches your life and how tea also touches so many other lives – through you and your business. World Tea Expo has been a wonderful playground for all lovers of the leaf and yet a powerful place to connect, learn, network, and experience innovation before your eyes. I’ve been a proud media sponsor of World Tea Expo for a very long time. The tea industry in America has actually grown up together and this show has had a lot to do with it every step of the way since day one.
Samantha Hammer Mitchell
Our new Event Director Samantha Hammer Mitchell
As we all begin to solidify plans and travel arrangements prior to the May event, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to World Tea Expo’s new event director, Samantha Hammer Mitchell. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Sam and we have prepared an interview as a proper welcoming introduction. Please click here for an interview with The Tea House Times. And join me in welcoming Sam this May. I ask you all to continue to #DreamBig! Until next time, I remain California Dreamin’. . . Gail Gastelu, Publisher, The Tea House Times / 
World Tea Expo Advisory Board member