Budding Products: Holiday Tea and Teaware

ITO EN Offers Limited Edition Loose Leaf Teas and Gift Sets

ITO EN is offering a fun array of four limited-edition loose leaf teas and three gift sets for the holidays. The four flavors are: Brooklyn Breakfast, Holiday Spirit, Spice in a Cup and Festive Winter.
  • Brooklyn Breakfast is a combination of single estate black tea and Columbian coffee, cranberries and orange peel. The blend was inspired by Brooklyn Heights’ Cranberry and Orange Streets and serves as an homage to the neighborhood. SRP: $14.99 per canister.
  • Holiday Spirit is an herbal tea that celebrates the season with touches of peppermint, marshmallow and cranberry. SRP: $9.99 per canister.
  • Spice in a Cup is a green tea that is spiced up with cinnamon, white pepper, cloves, and pink peppercorns. SRP: $9.99 per canister.
  • Festive Winter is an herbal tea that mixes spices with sweetness in a fruity blend of apple, peppermint, lemongrass and cornflower petal. SRP: $9.99 per canister.
The three gift sets are: the Holiday Tea Set, the Brooklyn Breakfast Tumbler Set and the matcha LOVE Matcha Starter Kit.
  • Holiday Tea Set is a box of ITO EN’s two limited edition Holiday Tea Blends: Spice in a Cup and Holiday Spirit. The teas are each in canisters and the box is made of bamboo. SRP: $19.99.
  • Brooklyn Breakfast Tumbler Set includes a glass tumbler with a removable built-in loose leaf tea infuser and a cork sleeve, along with a 1 ounce sample of the Brooklyn Breakfast blend tea. SRP: $40
  • matcha LOVE® Matcha Starter Kit has everything needed for a homemade matcha latte: a matcha bowl, a whisk and a tin of ceremonial grade matcha LOVE Uscha. SRP: $50.


Bishop House Debuts New Tea Line

Portland, Oregon-based Bishop House introduced its own tea line earlier this month. The company has established itself as a glass teaware purveyor and now offers high-end teas to match. The introduction of the new tea line follows on the heels of its first line of elevated teaware of handblown borosilicate glass, cantilevered stainless steel and gold or silver. Both the teaware and the tea collection are great holiday gift options. Bishop House collaborated with a tea blender in Portland to create the new tea collection of three blends.
  • 4 is a South Indian Black tea originating from the Seethargundu Estate, which resides in the foothills of Southern India’s Nilgiri Mountains in the state of Kerala. Bishop House describes its flavor as light-bodied tea with a clean, fruity finish. A 4-ounce pouch retails at $10 dollars.
  • 5 is a Chinese Green Tea made from Jasmine Pearls, which are young green tea leaves (usually from Fujian Province) that have been hand-rolled. Its flavor is described as fresh, floral and rich. A 4-ounce pouch retails for $22 dollars.
  • 6 is a caffeine-free Lemon Hibiscus Herbal Tea, consisting of hibiscus and tart fruit. Bishop House describes its flavor as refreshing and light-bodied. A 4-ounce pouch retails at $10 dollars.