Budding Products: Functional Tea Launches and Changes

Aduna Launches New Super Teas

Photo credit: PackagingEurope.com
London -based Aduna, a company known for its superfood powders and energy bars, has added two flavors to its Super Teas line. Turmeric and Hibiscus blends join Moringa, Baobab and Cacao to form a collection of five super teas. The pyramid bags include whole pieces of fruit, leaves, herbs, flowers and spices. Boxes feature designs based on African fabrics. Inspired by their volunteer and professional experiences in Africa, founders Andrew Hunt and Nick Salter set out to create a company using African botanicals while helping rural small-scale farmers.  

8th Wonder Releases RTD Collection

Photo credit: BevNet.com
Denver -based 8th Wonder Tea is introducing a line of four bottled artisan teas containing organic superfoods full of antioxidants. The unique flavors are: Rooibos Red, Yerba Mate Cayenne, Ashwagandha Apple Chai and Ginseng Passion Green Tea. Company founder Parker Rush donates 1 percent of profits to water.org. 8th Wonder Tea encourages consumers to post images of themselves on social media drinking its teas while engaging in creative and outdoor activities.

Role Iced Tea Eliminates Sugar

Photo credit: BeverageDaily.com
Virginia-based Role Iced Tea launched in 2016 and recently eliminated added sugar from its beverages  in response to consumer demand. Role Iced Tea Elixirs are available in Turmeric + Ginger Lemon, Turmeric + Ginger Peach and Turmeric + Ginger Mango. Previously, Role Iced Tea Elixirs each contained between 11 and 19 grams of added sugar. From now on, the company will use erythritol and stevia leaf extracts resulting in  1 to 2 grams of total sugar per bottle.