Budding Products: Creative Kombuchas

Taste GT’s Unity Kombucha

#GTsUnity Bottle (PRNewsfoto/GT's Living Foods)
Beverly Hills, California-based GT’s Living Foods introduced its limited-edition Unity kombucha for the summer. Two hands clasping in unity distinguishes its package design. The Unity kombucha flavor is a blend of cherry, coconut and lemongrass. It is available through Aug. 31. GT’s also is promoting its “Unity” Spotify playlist by using the camera on the app’s search bar. “This interactive touchpoint strengthens our message of Unity because music is such a powerful force that brings people together, from all walks of life, all around the world,” GT Dave, CEO and founder of GT’s Living Foods, said via press release. In keeping with this spirit, the kombucha company also encourages customers to post photos of themselves with any GT’s Kombucha bottle and the hashtag #GTsUnity to be eligible to win a VIP music festival experience.  

Health-Ade Kombucha Debuted Jalapeno-Kiwi-Cucumber

(PRNewsfoto/Health-Ade Kombucha)
Torrance, California-based Health-Ade Kombucha introduced its Jalapeno-Kiwi-Cucumber kombucha in June. The kombucha has a hand-crafted base of fermented organic black and green tea that is prepared in small 2.5-gallon batches in glass containers. The company describes the new kombucha blend as “cool, sweet and subtly spicy.” “We’ve always loved the spice of the jalapenos and wanted to create a kombucha that celebrates and enhances their bold flavor,” CEO Daina Trout said via a company press release. “When jalapenos ferment, their spiciness gives way to this awesome smokiness that pairs really well with cucumber and kiwi. The cucumber cools it and the kiwi brightens it. It’s my favorite flavor yet.” Trout co-founded Health-Ade with her husband, Justin Trout, and her best friend, Vanessa Dew, in 2012.

Canadian Government Funds Ekorce Kombucha

One day after Quebec, Canada-based Ekorce Kombucha hosted an open house at its production plant in May, the government of Canada awarded a financial contribution of $47,750 to the company as part of the Quebec Economic Development Program. Ekorce had been operating for six months and has established itself at retailers across Quebec. The Canadian government’s contribution enabled Ekorce to upgrade its production facilities, purchase new equipment and create a cold room that is compliant with required standards. Additionally, three new jobs were created.