Argo Tea talks exceeding tea-lover expectations while advancing product innovation

Source: Retail Customer Experience One of the most competitive retail channels is the beverage market, specifically the "healthy tea" segment, and making consumers loyal fans and meeting tea lovers’ increasing expectations is no easy feat. Success, says a veteran CPG tea brand, is all about listening to the customer and not only meeting the product expectation but exceeding it. That’s how Argo Tea (World Tea Expo Exhibitor), founded in 2003, developed its newest tea-based dairy drink, Teappucino, which will launch this fall with three flavors (Chai, Earl Grey Vanilla Crème, Green Tea Strawberry Crème) at select retailers. argotea.jpg__640x360_q85_cropThe new drinks come five years after Argo Tea launched its first ready-to-drink initial line, Signature Tea, a 10-flavor portfolio now found on shelves in more than 20,000 retail outlets, from 7-Elevens and Walgreens to Whole Foods. Last year two teas, Green Tea Ginger Twist and the Mojitea, were awarded first place as "Best Ready-to-Drink" iced teas at the North American Tea Championship. The brand now has 50 Argo Teas worldwide and serves more than 10 million cups of tea each year. In addition to tea, the retailer sells organic coffee, tea ware, specialty foods, pastries and loose leaf tea. The brand’s success is tied to several drivers, from product innovation to listening to tea lovers, especially those seeking the healthiest tea option. "Great taste is critical for repeat purchase and the new Teappuccino line from Argo Tea delivers," Dana Dimitri, marketing director, told Retail Customer Experience in an interview. "It also meets consumer demand for innovative, healthy drinks with real ingredients, including protein-packed milk and real fruits, flowers, spices and herbs. The fact that Teappuccino is shelf-stable, convenient, and perfect for on-the-go is just another added consumer benefit," Dimitri said. To stay competitive and award-winning, the key elements, shared Dimitri, is for a retailer to be as focused on the customer as possible. "We’re passionate about bringing teas from growers around the world and blending them into unique and signature beverages and tea. We hear first-hand from consumers what they want and then deliver innovative new products," Dimitri said, adding, the brand also wants to set trends while addressing consumer needs. An upcoming product line of vegan beverages reflects that, Dimitri noted. At the same time it’s expanding its beverage products, Argo Tea is looking to expand its presence as a retailer and a product within retail establishments. "We plan to expand our footprint in stores and increase distribution of our portfolio with additional top retailers," Dimitri said. Source: Retail Customer Experience