5 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Day

Tea latte, Earl Grey Hot London Fog Tea Drink with Foamed Milk (Getty Images/Rimma_Bondarenko)

January is National Hot Tea Month and January 12 will be thefifth annual National Hot Tea Day in the United States.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on earth afterwater and can be found in nearly 80% of American households, according to the Tea Association of the USA.The U.S. is the world’s third largest tea importer after Russia and Pakistan,states the Association.

It is fitting that such a prominent beverage should have itsown month and special day for honor and celebration.

Here are five ways to celebrate tea on National Hot Tea Day:

  • Start the day with a Winter Fog tea latte. A traditional London Fog consists of Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup and milk; lavender is optional. A Winter Fog adds clover honey to the mix. It is a great way to begin a cold Winter’s day.
  • Tea is often a vehicle for human connection. Reach out to a friend or family member and make time to connect over tea, whether it is at a tea house in your city or at your own kitchen table.
  • There are approximately 1,500 cultivars of Camellia sinensis. Use this day to try a new one that you have never had before, maybe a smoky lapsong souchong or an aged pu’erh. Attending a tea tasting is a great way to introduce oneself to unfamiliar teas.
  • Make a pot of this healthy Green Tea Soup by Sunset to enjoy and share. It combines genmaicha, brown rice, nori, green onions, black cod, sesame seeds and tamari for a warm Winter meal.
  • Finish off the day by taking a peppermint tea bath. Peppermint can help clear sinuses for someone who has a cold and has an uplifting effect, which can help those who get the winter blues when there are shorter daylight hours. First for Women offers other ideas for soothing herbal tea baths.