3 Ways to Celebrate Great Britain’s National Tea Day

Photo credit: Thinkstockphotos.com
Great Britain’s National Tea Day is April 21. The day’s lighthearted purpose is to celebrate Britain’s love of tea—after all, the British consume more than 60 billion cups of it each year, about 165 million cups per day. However, one does not have to live in Great Britain to join the celebration. Anyone can partake in some long-established British tea traditions while sipping one of Britain’s favorite teas. Here are some ideas for honoring Great Britain’s National Tea Day, no matter where you are. Cuppa for charity. The British Red Cross, the Joe Glover Trust and Parity for Disability suggest hosting a tea party that day to raise money for people in crisis, children with cancer and people with disabilities. Tea time. People outside of Britain can celebrate National Tea Day by partaking in the well-known British tea custom of Afternoon Tea, which began in the early 1840s when Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, ordered tea and snacks to curb her late afternoon hunger. A bit of Brit. Hosting a tea tasting of popular English teas is also a fun way for a teahouse or an individual to introduce people to and celebrate British tea culture. What should you prepare? Earl Grey of course. But if bagged tea is an option, Statista reports that these are the  five most popular tea brands in Britain according to a May 2017 survey: PG Tips One Cup tea bags Tetley One Cup tea bags Yorkshire Gold tea bags Twinings tea bags Typhoo One Cup tea bags