3 Tea Trends to Watch out for at Natural Products Expo West

Numerous tea companies plan to present new and innovative products at Natural Products Expo West March 9-11 in Anaheim, California. Here are three emerging trends we have noticed pre-expo:

Bagged Benefits

tea trends
Bigelow and Choice Organic Teas put mind and body benefits front and center.
Tea fans certainly know the benefits of teas and herbal infusions. Now, more and more tea companies boast the benefits with collections geared toward overall well-being. Bigelow, Choice Organic Teas and Argo Tea all offer collections with tea blends touting wellness benefits beyond those of the average cup of black tea. Choice Organic Teas Organic Immunity Support line has three teas categorized as herbal dietary supplements. These teas promote energy, cleansing and whole-body balancing boosted by on-trend mushrooms. Argo Tea’s new Wellness Collection touts “tea plus ingredients with purpose” in its loose-leaf  line of five blends called: Energized, Empower, Detox, Relax and Renew. Organic India’s Tulsi Cinnamon Rose tea says it is “Stress-Relieving & Mystical.” Bigelow’s Benefits line consists of herbal blends and a green tea blend offering benefits like a calm stomach. Another says it is “for those who love being in a Good Mood every day.” There is even one called Radiate Beauty. Watch for more brands to put body and mind wellness front and center.

Beyond the Leaf

pique tea crystals, 10th avenue tea, alternative tea formats
Pique and 10th Avenue Tea will show off their innovations at Natural Products Expo West.
Another tea innovation emerging at Expo West: Non-traditional formats. Pique Tea, founded by Simon Cheng in 2016, introduced tea crystals that dissolve in warm water. Appealing to today’s busy consumer, the Pique website explains that the “whole leaf tea, brewed, and crystallized (is the)easiest way to enjoy exceptional tea.” Another company appealing to the modern consumer, 10th Avenue Tea trumpets the versatility of its tea powders, which can be enjoyed instantly in hot or iced water, and added to smoothies and other recipes. Its new flavors are Green Tea Matcha and  a Rooibos Tea Blueberry Plum blend.

Bag to Bottle

Numi Organic Tea introduces bottled tea at Natural Products Expo West.
Ready-to-drink tea certainly isn’t new. But bag-focused brands are cleaning it up as they present their bagged favorites in bottles. Numi Organic Tea, for instance, has Aged Earl Grey and Classic Mint teas in bottles. Now, people who are accustomed to steeping can sip on the go. Additionally, this allows traditional natural and organic teas to become more accessible and easily consumable for the average person.